Narrative Feature

And How She…

A young artist tries to navigate her way through a world where the rules don’t always make sense and where magic is mixed with the mundane. She becomes the assistant to a successful artist, only to have her creative identity swallowed up in his. She seeks advice from her neighbors: eccentric elderly characters who face gentrification using their own kind of street magic.

An art world drama seasoned with magic, experimental sequences, and a dash of whimsy, And How She Tried tells the tale of a young artist who becomes the assistant to a successful artist only to have her creative identity swallowed up in his.

This is a story about the search for identity and what it means to be an artist and a woman. It’s about collaboration, gentrification, fear, and ego. It is a film with a tarnished kind of magical realism, and where a sleepy neighborhood in Brooklyn is a character in its own right.

This is a place where it’s not uncommon for an old lady to harvest the spirits in her garden and where an invisible man has lived in an abandoned lot for seventy years without aging a day. It is a place where the alley cats are the neighborhood’s greatest gossip, a mysterious woman dances fantastically in her courtyard, and time passes with photographs, animation and projections.

Currently seeking financing.
Written and Directed by Bat-Sheva Guez
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(Look Book, Treatment & Investor Documents available upon request)